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Bespoke WordPress Websites

Nothing pre-made found here!

One of Be Creative’s specialisms is provided hand-coded, elegantly designed and completely bespoke WordPress websites. It is our preferred publishing platform, powering 90% of our clients’ websites and our own too.

When it comes to designing for WordPress, we don’t rely on any pre-made frameworks, choosing instead to first consider the needs of the website. After all, there is no point in using a framework that doesn’t have what we need! Instead, we follow a three step approach.


We work out the requirements of the website. What it needs to do, achieve and who the target audience are. These questions provide a clear route to take and are one of the most important steps.


Before touching any code, we plan how to best go about providing the functionality required by the site. If we need plugins then we’ll find the best ones, or plan our own. If we need external services, we prepare those too.

Code Creation

Now we know where we are going, we can build a bespoke theme. Because we don’t use any pre-made frameworks, the end result is streamlined and elegant, containing only what is required and nothing unnecessary.

For more information about what we can do with WordPress, get in touch.